Sherry Beane

Wow! Look at me! With Thin & Healthy, I have lost 46.8 pounds and 80 inches. This is just amazing! Thin & Healthy has taught me a new lifestyle so I could lose the weight and now keep it off. I feel really great! I have so much more energy now. When I started this program, I was taking 2 blood pressure medications a day. Now I don't have to take any. It was sad that my family would go out for bike rides, and I didn't ever go because it was too much for me. Now I go riding with them, and I also take group cycling classes at the gym with no problems. It's just great! Thin & Healthy has given me a new life. I believe in this program so much, I have become a coach, just so I can help other people change their lives like I have changed mine. I would like to say thanks to all of the wonderful people I have met on my journey with Thin & Healthy.

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