Max Fitness staff will help you get the most out of your membership by getting you to your goal as fast as possible. In your assessment we will use software to build 3D images of where you are now and where you want to be at your goal. Then we will help figure out what its going to take to get you to your goal as quickly as possible. In this assessment you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarity on any confusion or questions you may have.

Max Fitness offers this unique training tool because we know that 95% of all people who join a gym but don't have a clear plan of attack do not reach their desired goal. On the other hand, 80% of people who join a gym and have some guidance and a clearly defined plan will succeed in reaching their goal. We want members to get the most out of their membership, so we help you create a specialized plan and defined goals for your needs.

In our assessment we create a customized health risk profile that will demonstrate where your current health risks are right now for the four major diseases: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.  We can show you how to get those risks as low as possible over time with the right plan.

Personal Training 049We will also talk about your internal health age, sometimes called your "real age." Your health age is the single most important number to know and keep track of. Based upon your chronological age and some basic information, we will be able to tell you your real internal health age, or how old you are inside.  We will show you how low we can get that number by having a plan and getting to your goal over time.

You will also get a printout for your references of everything discussed about your health risks, health goals, health age, health age goal, and the 3D images of you now and at your goal.

Please contact our fitness manager for details on our Personal Training membership.